Enhance the dining experience at your business with oshibori towels. Contact Oshibori Towel Company to learn more about how our products impress guests.

Oshibori Towels A part of daily life in Japan for more than 400 years.



Restaurants, hotels, spas, golf clubs, airlines, dental offices, weddings, etc. Contact us to find out more about and the benefits of Oshibori.


Impress your guests with oshibori towels before their meals. These damp hand-washing towels are used in high-class restaurants, hotels, and airlines throughout Japan and China to enrich the customer experience prior to meals.

Depending on the temperature outside, they can be handed out either toasty warm or pleasantly cool for a refreshing sensation.

Here at Oshibori Towel Company, we are introducing oshibori to Americans from coast to coast. Whether you want oshibori for your business or to distribute at a special event, our product is sure to make a great impression on your guests.

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Return Policy

All sales are final, however, if there is a product defect or you are not satisfied please email us at info@oshiboritowel.com and we will do our best to make things right.

Contact us to learn more about our different styles of oshibori towels. We are based in Honolulu, Hawaii, Phoenix, Arizona, HCMC, Vietnam and ship our products nationwide.

Two Oshibori Varieties Available to Suit Your Needs

Choose between the two different styles available from Oshibori Towel Company to ensure your guests enjoy the best possible experience. The Moist Oshibori Towel is our standard variety. It is a white towel sized 10’’ x 10’’ and made from a high-quality, 100% cotton weave.

We also offer a Deluxe Oshibori Towel. This version measures 10’’ x 12’’ and is carefully constructed with a superior weave of 100% cotton. size makes it perfect for adding elegance to your wedding party or restaurant, It is the same towel used for first-class passengers on Singapore Airlines. Add our Deluxe Oshibori Towels to your airline or hotels to ensure your clients leave your business feeling refreshed and first class.

No matter which version you choose, we stand behind the quality of our products. Reach out to our company if you have any questions or concerns about our oshibori and we will take care of the matter for you.


Priority Shipping Included in all Prices

Deluxe Oshibori
Moist Towel
.70 cents per towel

High Quality 100% cotton, 10" x 12"

Minimum order 150 towels.

Priority Shipping included

Standard Oshibori
Moist Towel
.60 cents per towel

Woven 100% cotton, 10" x 10".

Minimum order 150 Towels.

Priority Shipping incl.

Free Samples,
Priority Shipping

Includes 2 deluxe towels

Includes 2 standard towels

Only pay for shipping!