Oshibori Towel Company is committed to introducing more Americans to the luxurious comfort of oshibori. These wet hand towels are offered to customers for hand refreshing prior to eating for a first-class experience.

Depending on the time of year, it may be served warm or cold for maximum comfort. As a former Captain for Japan Airlines, our business owner lived in Japan for 20 years, where he learned about oshibori. In Japan and China, oshibori are frequently seen in hotels, restaurants, airlines, and other businesses.

They are also sometimes given out at weddings and other events, as well as a special courtesy to house guests. When you want your guests to be as comfortable as possible, oshibori are a great way to make a lasting impression. A first class experience. We are working with a Japanese company to bring more oshibori to the American market.

Our products are single-use for ultimate convenience and made from 100% cotton for a gentle touch. Request a free sample to see how our oshibori can enhance your customer service. Contact us to find out more about our company and the benefits of our oshibori towels.