Free Oshibori Towel Sample

Oshibori Towels will add a Japanese touch of elegance to your wedding, hotel, restaurant or airline. They are sourced directly from the factory and the savings are passed on to you.

The Moist Oshibori Towel is our standard variety. It is a white towel sized 10’’ x 10’’ and made from a high-quality, 100% cotton weave.

The Deluxe Oshibori Towel measures 10’’ x 12’’ and is carefully constructed with a superior weave of 100% cotton. One of the highest rated Airlines in the world, Singapore Airlines, uses this same Oshibori, for their First Class Passengers.

In order to maintain a fresh towel, manufacturing is done in a “clean room”, using a state of the art dual layer film which maintains 100% bacteria-free environment.

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